20 Best Black Paper Cups

Do you need some paper cups for a big event or party, but aren’t a fan of the plain white option? Then having black paper cups at your event might be just the thing you need to set your party apart. Black paper cups offer a darker and more modern option as an alternative to the basic white cups that are great for Halloween parties, murder mysteries, or any birthday party for someone who likes the color black.

These cups come in a variety of sizes which include, 4, 6, 8, 12, and 16-ounce choices to fit whatever you need. With these size options, you will be able to purchase a different size for the same event to use for different drinks, or have one option that will work for everything you will serve. These black paper cups have the coating that prevents leakage and spills, so they can be used for cold or hot beverages.

20 Best Black Paper Cups to Buy

Bestseller No. 2
SparkSettings Disposable Paper Cups Drinking Paper Cup for Both Hot and Cold Beverages Perfect for Coffee, Tea, Water or Juice - Jet Black, Pack of 20
  • The SparkSettings Paper Cups as can be understood from the name of the product are cups for party use which are extremely useful at the parties with many guests at the party.
  • SPECS: Our large paper cups come in a pack of twenty pieces per pack which makes it very easy and convenient for the users at the same time. This is particularly beneficial when the number of guests in the party are more.
Bestseller No. 3
Creative Converting 56000B Pack of 240 Touch of Color Paper Hot/Cold Cups, 9 oz, Black Velvet
  • 240-Count (10 packs of 24-count) 9 oz. paper cups in Black Velvet
  • Suitable for hot or cold beverages
Bestseller No. 4
Disposable Ripple Insulated Cup - 8oz 50 Pack Black - Hot Beverage Drinking Cups - Insulated Corrugated Cups (50 Count, 8oz, Black)
  • PREMIUM SELECTION - Our premium paper hot cups are great for restaurants and cafes serving coffee, tea, and any other hot beverage. The Ripple Paper Hot Cups are designed with an extra layer of rippled insulation to keep drinks warmer and eliminate the need for cup jackets while still providing superior grip. Double Poly lined to prevent leaking and for added resilience.
  • STYLE AND CONVENIENCE - Enjoy your hot beverage in our stylish ripple cup without the hassle of using a paper sleeve. These cups are very sturdy, reliable. Reduce waste while saving money at the same time demonstrates your commitment to helping the environment.
SaleBestseller No. 5
Creative Converting 50-Count Touch of Color 16-Ounce Plastic Cups, Black Velvet - 28134081B
  • 50 in a package
  • Dress up your next party or gathering with Creative Converting's colorful plastic cups, now available in a value Pack of 50
SaleBestseller No. 6
500-CT Disposable Black 12-oz Hot Beverage Cups with Double Wall Design: No Need for Sleeves - Perfect for Cafes - Eco Friendly Recyclable Paper - Insulated - Wholesale Takeout Coffee Cup
  • NO NEED FOR SEPARATE SLEEVES: These 12 ounce hot cups have built-in insulation - eliminating the need for separate sleeves! This saves you money, while lessening your impact on the environment.
  • KEEP THE HEAT IN: With their innovative double wall insulated design, these disposable coffee cups keep beverages enjoyably warm while keeping customers' hands comfortably cool.
Bestseller No. 7
Unique Industries Disposable Paper Cups Party Supplies - Black, 9oz, Pack of 14
  • Package of 14 black paper cups
  • HIGH-QUALITY DESIGN - Featuring an eye-catching Black color that will fit your party's theme and table setup.HANDY SIZE - Each cup can hold 9 oz. of warm or cold beverage
SaleBestseller No. 8
Paper Ice Cream Cups - 50-Count 9-Oz Disposable Dessert Bowls for Hot or Cold Food, 9-Ounce Party Supplies Treat Cups for Sundae, Frozen Yogurt, Soup, Black
  • BLACK TREAT CUPS: Includes 50 paper ice cream cups designed for ice cream shops, concession stands, caterers, and restaurants. Suitable for serving large events, kids birthday parties, baby showers, and gatherings.
  • LEAK-RESISTANT CONSTRUCTION: Each cup is made of sturdy paperboard with a polyethylene coated interior for superb leak resistance. Plus, it is also conveniently priced for single use and can be easily disposed after consumption.
Bestseller No. 9
Big Party Pack Jet Black Plastic Cups | 16 oz. | Pack of 50 | Party Supply
  • 50 plastic cups per package
  • Each cup can hold up to 16 oz. of liquid
Bestseller No. 10
Big Party Pack Jet Black Plastic Cups | 12 oz. | Pack of 50 | Party Supply
  • 50 plastic cups per package
  • Each cup can hold up to 12 oz. of liquid

For hot drinks, you can choose to purchase black paper cups that have ripples on the exterior that help insulate the cup and make it a better option for hot drinks like fresh coffee, hot water, or tea. Most of these black paper cups, however, come with a smooth exterior that comes in a matte black color. This gives the cup a contemporary feel, especially with matte options being a current trend.

Not all black paper cups come with this matte finish, and if you are a fan of a shinier option, then those are easy to find as well.

Although the color is dark and rich, they are not only used for special occasions like Halloween but can also be an elegant option for an anniversary or New Year’s Eve party. With color schemes like gold and black or silver and black being popular for both events, you can use these to give a more expensive and glamorous look to an inexpensive object.

These black paper cups have many positive points that make them good additions to any party, but there are some cons to any product as well.

Pros and Cons of Black Paper Cups

Modern matte black color
Used for all drinks
Can come insulated for heat protection
Works with darker color schemes
Look more expensive than they are

They typically cost more for a smaller pack of cups
The interior of the cup is still white

Unlike the plain white paper cups, these black cups are not all one color. The interior of the cup is white, and only the exterior of the cup is the matte black. For those who were wanting an option that is completely black, this might be disappointing, but not an issue with the cups themselves. You may be able to find some cups that do come in all one color, but they are more common to find with the white.

Black paper cups usually cost more than the white paper cups that are commonly seen in stores, and this is likely because the exterior is colored, which starts out white. If the interior was made the same way, then the cup would likely cost even more due to the extra manufacturing effort that would be put into the process.

However, although these cons may make some customers think twice about purchasing black paper cups, these cups are still great in many ways. The ability to use these black cups just like the plain white options is great because they can hold the same types of drinks without issue. They also can be a good paper cup choice for parties that require fancier attire for a more elegant and refined look.

And, although these don’t often come with lids, they can be purchased for whatever size cup you buy. However, you should note that the lids may not come in the same black color or matte finish, and may be white. This is because the lids may be made to fit and match the white paper cups. But if you don’t mind the black and white colors, then you will have to-go cups with lids.


Black paper cups can make a great alternative paper cup choice for a number of different events that you want to throw, and with the capability to fit with many themes, you can use them for a large number of parties. Whether you just want some to-go cups for at home, or you want a pack of paper cups for a special event, you can use these black paper cups for both purposes.

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